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Civil society to join ICC member states at ASP 13

From 8-17 December, civil society will join ICC member states in New York for the 13th Assembly of States Parties (ASP) to address issues central to the Court's operations. A new ASP president and six new judges will be elected, the Court's 2015 budget will be adopted and there will be a special debate on increasing cooperation with the Court. Sign up for emails and visit our #GlobalJustice blog to stay updated.

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ASP 13: For a Stronger ICC, Enhance State Cooperation


ICC member states meeting this week for the 13th session of the Assembly of States Parties (ASP)—the ICC’s governing body—must make international justice more effective by enhancing cooperation with the Court and putting in place strong mechanisms for compliance with its decisions, the Coalition for the ICC said. “It has become clear after the ICC’s first 12 years that the ASP needs to comprehensively review and address cooperation issues such as arrest strategies, victim and witness protection and non-essential contact with indicted senior government officials," said Coalition Convenor William R. Pace. Read more...

December 2014
Introducing the new Global Justice Monitor!

11 Dec: Judges reject Côte d’Ivoire admissibility challenge to Simone Gbagbo case.

11 Dec: Pre-Trial Chamber sends Charles Blé Goudé case to trial.

10 Dec: Judges in the Saif Gaddafi case refer the Libyan government to the UN Security Council for non-compliance.

9 Dec: Civil society briefs media at ASP 13.

8 Dec: Senegalese Justice Minister Sidiki Kaba elected president of the Assembly of States Parties.
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