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Civil society welcomes selection of Sidiki Kaba as next ASP president

Sidiki Kaba, Senegal’s minister of justice and a long-time supporter of the fight against impunity, is set to become the next president of the ICC’s governing body—the Assembly of States Parties (ASP).

“The Coalition welcomes the endorsement of Sidiki Kaba as the next ASP president. Minister Kaba brings a wealth of experience and expertise, with direct experience in international justice tribunals and the ICC,” said William R. Pace, convenor of the Coalition for the ICC. “The Coalition has worked with Sidiki for 18 years in all of his different positions. This is extremely fortunate as the ICC and its governing body may be facing their most challenging years during his term.”

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Kenyan President Appears Before ICC with Trial in the Balance


Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared before ICC judges in The Hague this week for a “status conference” to decide the future of the case against him. The defense wants the case terminated for lack of evidence, while the prosecution says it should be indefinitely adjourned until the Kenyan government complies with requests for information.

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Credit: Reuters

October 2014
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