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Part of IBA’s & ICL Programme’s International Criminal Law Perspectives series, the report Evidence Matters in ICC Trials launched in September 2016. Credit: IBA ICC & ICL Programme
Evidence matters in ICC trials

The International Bar Association (IBA) launched a new report that examines the law and practice of some core evidence matters in International Criminal Court (ICC) trials. Read More.

#GlobalJustice Weekly – Death toll rises in Yemen as gov’s flout Arms Trade Treaty


The latest in Global Justice news: Civil society is calling on arms-producing governments to stop supplying weapons potentially being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen; ICC Trial Chamber V(B) refers Kenyan government to Assembly of States Parties for lack of cooperation; ICC prosecutor publishes policy on case selection; refugees fleeing South Sudan pass one million mark; FARC rebels apologize for ‘great pain’ caused by kidnappings; UN envoy says progress in Libya marred by ongoing volatile security situation; and much more.

Yahya Arhab/EPA

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