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Bilateral Immunity Agreements
Bilateral Immunity Agreements
General Bantz Craddock, Head of US Southern Command, voiced serious concern about the US BIA policy to US Congress on 9 March 2005 and again on 14 and 16 March 2006. Credit: Air Force 1st Lt. Rebecca Garland.
This page provides a comprehensive compilation of NGO, government and inter-governmental documents related to US-proposed bilateral agreements seeking to ensure the non-surrender of US personnel — including both US nationals and foreign contractors working for the United States — to the International Criminal Court. These agreements are alternately referred to as so-called "Article 98" agreements, bilateral immunity agreements (BIAs), impunity agreements or bilateral non-surrender agreements.

This page contains: Background Documents, NGO and Academic Papers and Reports, Government and Inter-governmental Reports and Statements, and NGO Media Statements. CICC members' media statements are also available in the Press Room.

Another section also has specific information on US legislation that restricts US foreign assistance to countries that do not sign these bilateral immunity agreements.
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
White House, Office of the Press Secretary
20 June 2008
Waiving the Prohibition on the Use of Economic Support Funds with Respect to Various Parties to the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal Court
White House, Office of the Press Secretary
28 Jan 2008
President Bush Signs H.R. 4986, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 into Law
Government of Costa Rica
07 Oct 2006
Canciller Stagno expresa complacencia por decision del Presidente Bush/ MFA Stagno welcomed President Bush's decision
White House Office of the Press Secretary
02 Oct 2006
Memorandum for the Secretary of State: Waiving Prohibition on United States Military Assistance with Respect to Various Parties to the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal Court
12 Oct 2005
United States Defends Position on International Criminal Court
20 June 2005
Presidential Declaration on the "Committment of the MERCOSUR to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court", adopted at the XXVIII Meeting of the Council in Asuncion (Paraguay)
ACP - EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
15 Oct 2003
EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly - Resolution on the situation in West Africa, adopted by the African, Carribean, and Pacific Group of States - European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly (with specific reference to the International Criminal Court in para
Quotes and Statements
Author Title Date
Emma Bonino, European MP
3267|3268 16 Aug 2002