Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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The CICC Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication that was launched in September 2007. It features timely updates about the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Coalition for the ICC (CICC). Each issue includes the latest news about the situations currently before the Court. In addition, the Bulletin highlights recent developments relating to the ratification of the Rome Statute and the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Court (APIC).

For more information on any of the developments noted in the CICC Bulletin, please refer to the electronic versions below for access to sources hyperlinked within the text.
CICC Publications
Author Date and Title
04 Mar 2015
Coalition Bulletin - February 2015
06 Feb 2015
Coalition Bulletin - January 2015
03 Dec 2014
Coalition Bulletin - November 2014
01 Nov 2014
Coalition Bulletin - October 2014
10 Oct 2014
Coalition Bulletin - September 2014
08 Sept 2014
Bulletin July-August 2014
14 July 2014
Coalition Bulletin - June 2014