Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Siria (República Arabe)
Siria (República Arabe)
Estatuto de Roma   Siria firmó el Estatuto de Roma el 29 de noviembre de 2000.
Acuerdo sobre Privilegios e Inmunidades Siria no firmó el APIC.
Acuerdos Bilaterales de Inmunidad Información no disponible.
Legislacion de implementacion Información no disponible.
Membresía Siria es miembro de la Liga de Estados Arabes.
Actualizaciones por país
Citas e intervenciones
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Damascus Center for Human Right Studies
10 Jun 2013
DCHRS establishes local offices inside Syria
National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
21 Feb 2013
Syrian Coalition condemns the series of explosions in Damascus
National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
15 Feb 2013
Syrian Coalition establishes a framework for future political solutions
Erna Paris
25 Ene 2013
“Why not try taking Syria to the Court”
Comunicados de Prensa de ONG
Autor Fecha y título
07 Ago 2014
Jordania niega la entrada a palestinos que huyen de Siria
06 Ago 2014
Syria: Women, Children Held Hostage for a Year
Human Rights Watch
30 Jul 2014
Syria: Barrage of Barrel Bombs
19 Jun 2014
Ending impunity in Syria and ICC referral: Open letter to the UN Human Rights Council Permanent Representatives
Amnesty International
05 Jun 2014
Children among 15 civilians summarily killed in northern Syria
Human Rights Watch
27 Mayo 2014
Syria: Free Prominent Rights Defenders
23 Mayo 2014
China-Russia disgraceful Veto in the Security Council blocks ICC Referral of the Syrian Situation
Documentos de gobierno e intergubernamentales
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13 Sep 2013
Resolución del Parlamento Europeo sobre la situación en Siria (2013/2819(RSP))
13 Jun 2013
Updated Statistical Analysis of Documentation of Killings in the Syrian Arab Republic
02 Mayo 2013
Statement by the Spokesperson of High Representative Catherine Ashton following the attempted assassination of Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al-Halki
18 Feb 2013
Switzerland welcomes the recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry that those responsible for human rights violations in Syria should be prosecuted
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland
14 Ene 2013
Swiss letter to the UN Security Council regarding the situation in Syria
14 Ene 2013
Statement on Syria by the Spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Michael Spindelegger, Karl Erjavec, Eamon Gilmore and Villy Søvndal
11 Ene 2013
Time to refer Syria crisis to ICC