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What happened in international justice in 2014?

In our just-published Global Justice Monitor, we round up the year's news and civil society views on the International Criminal Court and the Rome Statute system of international justice.Read more...

Hope for Ugandan victims as justice catches up with ICC fugitive Ongwen


Ugandan militia leader Dominic Ongwen’s surrender and transfer to the International Criminal Court (ICC) gives hope to victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army and sends a message to ICC fugitives that justice will eventually catch up with them. Ongwen, an alleged LRA brigade commander wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity and war crimes in northern Uganda in 2004, was transferred to ICC custody in The Hague early in morning of 21 January. Read more...

January 2015
Were hiring: Program and Communications Assistants in The Hague

20 Jan: Will Dominic Ongwen be the first member of the Lords Resistance Army tried at the ICC?

16 Jan: The ICC prosecutor opens a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine.

8 Jan: Civil society calls for transfer of LRA commander Ongwen to ICC.
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