Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Updates on India
31 Dec 2005
Several forums and workshops were held by the Indian Campaign on the ICC (ICC-India) throughout 2004. Most notable were a lawyers workshop on the ICC (July 3, Mumbai) organized in collaboration with the India Centre for Human Rights and Law, and the workshop on Women’s Rights and International Justice Mechanisms (November 5-6, Assam).

As of September 2005, the government was not likely to accede to the Rome Statute in the immediate future.

According to a joint statement from the latest Indo-U.S. defence talks in Washington in May 2002, India agreed with the US position that the ICC could have a negative impact on peacekeeping and coalition operations. India and US reportedly discussed what they consider to be the serious inadequacies of the ICC and underlined the importance of cooperation between the US and India to oppose its applicability to non-parties, as in their view such applicability would be an assertion of jurisdiction beyond the limits of international law.

An international conference of parliamentarians, planned for New Delhi in spring 2002, was cancelled due to a lack of government support.

In 2000, the Indian Campaign on the ICC (ICC-India) was formed. It has since been active in information dissemination and research and publications work on the ICC.

National and international NGOs have been involved in informal consultations with a wide range of civil society actors in raising awareness and considering options for accession.

India actively participated in the Preparatory Commission meetings. Concerns expressed include keeping the Security Council control over the ICC to a minimum, and the definition and elements of the crime of aggression.