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Rome Conference
Rome Conference
On 3 July 2008 in The Hague, some 350 diplomats, officials from the ICC and tribunals, academics and members of civil society commemorated the tenth anniversary of the Rome Statute, which was adopted on 17 July 1998. Pictured from left to right are: Rama Yade, French Secretary of State; Philippe Kirsch, ICC president; Princess Máxima of the Netherlands; Rosalyn Higgins, president of the International Court of Justice; Maxime Verhagen, Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs. Credit: CICC
International Justice Day
On 17 July the world celebrates International Justice Day, to commemorate the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court’s founding treaty. International Justice Day is a reminder of the urgency for all States committed to justice to ensure continued support for the Rome Statute’s international justice system. Members of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court are celebrating this day in solidarity with victims of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes through a number of worldwide events.

Rome Conference - 1998
The United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court, known as the “Rome Conference,” took place from 15 June to 17 July 1998 in Rome, Italy. More than 160 governments participated in the conference, many with sizable delegations. At the end of the five weeks of intense and often emotional deliberations, 120 nations voted in favor of the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Only 7 nations voted against the treaty (including the United States, Israel, China, Iraq, Qatar), while 21 countries abstained. The Statute was then open for signature and ratification.

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court actively participated in the Rome Conference – monitoring the negotiations, producing daily information for worldwide distribution and facilitating the participation and parallel activities of the more than 200 NGOs which attended. The CICC coordinated the input of civil society organizations through Issue Teams that closely followed discussions on particular provisions of the draft statute. Civil society is credited with some of the most important aspects of the Statute, such as its strong provisions for gender crimes and the independence of the prosecutor.
Core Texts
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No disponible
18 July 1998
17 July 1998
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
ICC Statements and Reports
Author Date and Title
15 July 2011
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14 July 2011
17 July – International Criminal Justice Day: Join the Celebrations by disseminating Audio-visual materials
01 July 2011
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24 June 2011
Tunisia becomes the 116th State to join the ICC’s governing treaty, the Rome Statute
ICC Presidency
17 July 2010
Statement of the President on the Occasion of the Day of International Criminal Justice
16 July 2010
ICC celebrates the Day of International Criminal Justice 17 July
17 July 2009
Statement of the Presidency of the International Criminal Court on the Occasion of International Justice Day, 17 July 2009
Legislative Debates
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US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
23 July 1998
Is a U.N. International Criminal Court in the U.S. national interest? Hearing before the Subcommittee on International Operations of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
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09 July 2014
International Justice Day 2014: List of Coalition statements and activities
Comisión de Derechos Humanos de El Salvador (CDHES)
17 July 2013
Por La Paz, Los Derechos Humanos, La Justicia
17 July 2013
11 Years Since the Creation of the International Criminal Court: Calling upon the AU to Support the Work of the ICC
United to End Genocide
11 July 2013
Justice and Accountability for Genocide and Atrocity Crimes
09 July 2013
IJD 2013 - List of events
Asuntos del Sur
25 July 2012
[CPI + 10] Celebrando el décimo aniversario de la Corte Penal Internacional
19 July 2012
El Día de la Justicia Internacional, más que justicia penal
NGO Media Statements
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15 July 2011
International Justice Day: World Celebrates 13th Anniversary of New Global System to End Impunity
19 July 2013
La Cour Pénale Internationale (CPI) et le principe de la complémentarité
18 July 2013
International Justice Day: Giving Victims a Voice
18 July 2013
Ready for that Close-Up: The International Criminal Court's Recent Representations on Film
18 July 2013
Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) salute the courageous victims of grave human rights violations
Afghanistan Watch
18 July 2013
Afghanistan Watch Calls on the Afghan State to Fulfill its Obligations as an ICC Member State
Human Rights Agenda Association
18 July 2013
International Justice Day
Quotes and Statements
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18483|18484 17 July 2012
Dr. Hans-Peter Kaul, Second Vice-President International Criminal Court
10671|10672 17 July 2009
UN Reports, Resolutions, and Statements
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United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
17 July 2011
Statement of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on International Criminal Justice Day