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Staff Rules and Regulations
Staff Rules and Regulations
ICC Registrar Bruno Cathala and the Presidency, Judges Philippe Kirsch, Akua Kuenyehia, and Elizabeth Odio Benito, have developed and adopted various rules and regulations governing the functioning of the Court. Credit: ICC-CPI.
According to Article 44 of the Rome Statute, the Registrar (with agreement of the Presidency and the Prosecutor) had to propose Staff Regulations to the ASP. The proposal of the Registry for Staff Regulations was adopted by consensus at the 2nd Session of the ASP in accordance with Article 44 of the Statute by resolution ASP/2/Res.2.

Staff Rules deal with the concrete aspects of personnel policy such as salary and related allowances, appointment and promotion, social security, travel expenses, while the Staff Regulations deal with the broad principles of personnel policy of the ICC and the Secretariat of the ASP. Through the Omnibus Resolution “Strengthening the International Criminal Court and the Assembly of States Parties,” the Assembly took note of the Staff Rules proposed by the Registrar pursuant to Staff Regulation 12.2.
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