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Wire Transfers
It is possible to donate directly to the Coalition by wire or electronic funds transfer:

1.) Please send a pledge letter or email noting your intention to donate to the Coalition. The letter/email should include your name, phone number, and mailing address (this information is solely for internal record use; the Coalition does not sell, rent, or trade the names, phone numbers, addresses, or emails of donors).

The following is an example of a pledge email:

“This is a letter pledging a donation to the Coalition for the International Criminal Court in the amount X dollars/Euros. This is an unrestricted gift for general support of the Coalition’s work. I would like to give my donation via wire transfer to the Coalition’s Hague/New York bank account.

Mr. John Smith
Phone number
Mailing Address”

2.) The Coalition will then acknowledge receipt of the pledge notice and send the specific wire information to you to proceed with the donation.

3.) Upon Coalition receipt of the wire transfer, you will be sent a confirmation of the receipt of the donation.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Senior Development Officer Danny Rees at +1 646.465.8527 (phone) or [email protected]