Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Who We Are & What We Do
Who We Are & What We Do
Members of the CICC including The Women\'s Caucus for Gender Justice welcomed the ICC\'s entry into force in April 2002.
This section includes information on the history and structure of the Coalition, including:

Our History
A timeline of CICC's history, from its creation in 1995 with 25 members to becoming a global network consisting of over 2,000 organizations from every region.

CICC Convenor and Staff
The biographies of William R. Pace, CICC Convenor and Executive Director of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP), Jelena Pia-Comella, the CICC Program Director, and a list of the Coalition Secretariat's staff in New York and The Hague.

Steering Committee
A core group of well-known and respected NGOs forms the informal Steering Committee of the Coalition and determines CICC’s goals, helps guide the work of the Coalition’s Secretariat, and provides crucial strategic oversight.

Advisory Board
The Coalition's Advisory Board is a global leadership group of eminent persons who act as a collective voice in support of international justice and provide strategic input on key issues.

Regional and National Networks
In regions and sub-regions, Regional Coordinators located around the world serve as focal points for the coordination of the efforts of national coalitions and regional networks.

Thematic Caucuses
Sectoral Caucuses represent particular consituencies, provide input and submit research papers from the perspective of women, children, victims, faith-based groups.

NGO Teams on Issues
NGO Teams on Issues focus the input of NGOs through the exchange of information as well as the development of strategies and team papers, divide labour among NGO experts, and ensure coverage of all key issues.

Our Supporters
Support from individuals, foundations, governments, and other institutions is essential to the Coalition's efforts to advance international justice and end impunity. Go to Donate Page
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11 Sept 2013
About the Coalition for the International Criminal Court