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Election of ICC and ASP Officials
Election of ICC and ASP Officials
Election of ICC Judges at the eighth ASP - First round of balloting.
Officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC), including the Judges, the Prosecutor, and the Deputy Prosecutors are elected by the Assembly of States Parties (ASP). The ASP is also responsible for electing ASP officials, specifically the President of the Assembly and members of the Committee on Budget and Finance (CBF).

In 2011, the ASP of the Rome Statute of the ICC elected six new judges, Fatou Bensouda as the next ICC prosecutor, Ambassador Tiina Intelmann as new ASP President, two new ASP Vice-Presidents, a 21-member Bureau and six members of the Committee on Budget and Finance. Elections will also be held for the President and Vice Presidents of the ICC in early 2012.

These elections represent the most significant change in ICC and Rome Statute system leadership since the inaugural elections in 2003. These elections coincided with major developments in international justice, including the conclusion of the ICC’s first trial, as well as the near-conclusion of the mandates of the ad hoc and special tribunals—all of which will certainly impact the ICC.

The Coalition had launched a Campaign on International Criminal Court Elections in view of this set of crucial elections. The purpose of the campaign was to:

  1. Promote the nomination and election of the most highly qualified officials through fair, merit-based, and transparent processes;
  2. Uphold the Rome Statute principles of a fair, effective and independent ICC representing all of the world’s regions, major legal systems and regions, as well as maintaining equitable gender representation.

Activities included a global advocacy campaign involving civil society partners around the world, governments and international/regional institutions, and media actions to advance independent, transparent, fair, and merit-based elections.

The Coalition strongly opposes reciprocal political agreements (“vote-trading”) in ICC elections. The Coalition as a whole does not endorse or oppose individual candidates but advocates for the integrity of the nomination and election procedures. Individual member organisations of the Coalition may choose to take positions on particular candidates in representing their own respective organizations, but these positions may not be taken in the name of the Coalition.

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For more information on the election of ICC and ASP Officials, please contact Michelle Reyes at [email protected].
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