Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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General Statements on International Justice
General Statements on International Justice
Dr. Ben Ferencz, former Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunal, giving a speech at the United Nations, has been a strong and vocal supporter of the ICC.
This section provides statements from notable individuals, academics, government and civil society representatives about international justice, the importance of the International Criminal Court as well as the role of the CICC in the Court's establishment.
Conference Reports and Declarations
Quotes and Statements
Author Title Date
Dr. Hans-Peter Kaul, Second Vice-President International Criminal Court
10671|10672 17 July 2009
Dr. Jonathan Fanton, John D. & Catherine T. Mac Arthur Foundation
3247|3248 14 Feb 2005
Dr. Richard Goldstone, former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the first Chie
3249|3250 14 Feb 2005
Kofi Annan, Adriaan Bos, Bernard Bot, Shirin Ebadi, Benjamin B. Ferencz, Philippe Kirsch, Roy S. Lee
4669|4670 10 Feb 2005
Professor David Scheffer
3251|3252 27 Jan 2004
Benjamin B. Ferencz
3253|3254 16 June 2003
Pan African Lawyers Union
3255|3256 16 June 2003