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Africa (Sub-Saharan)
Throughout the campaign to establish the ICC, African governments, regional bodies and civil society have played key roles for the Court to become a reality and continue to hold an important position in promoting the ICC. Thirty-three African countries have ratified the Rome Statute, making Africa the most represented region in the Assembly of States Parties.

However, much work remains with regards to the implementation of the Rome Statute into national legislations in the continent. Even though several implementation laws have been drafted, only two drafts have been completed and enacted.

In addition, the current seven situations before the ICC concern Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Kenya and Mali).
Academic Papers and Reports
Author Title Date
African civil society
25072|25073 17 Dec 2014
23082|23083 09 Jan 2014
Amnesty International
21406|21407 14 June 2013
Heinrich Böll Foundation – Africa
18624|18625 2012
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation Transitional Justice in Africa Programme
15107|15108 Feb 2011
Government and Inter-governmental Documents
Author Date and Title
African Union
15 May 2014
Draft Protocol on Amendments to the Protocol on the African Court of Justice and Human Rights
African Union
12 Oct 2013
Decisions and Declarations of the Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of the AU
African MPs
20 Sept 2013
Letter African MPs to Kenya MPs Withdrawal ICC
European Parliament
26 Apr 2012
Lochbihler on the verdict of Charles Taylor: Justice has been done
03 Mar 2012
Statement by the Spokesperson of the High Representative on the ICC decision concerning the arrest warrants for Sudanese Defence Minister Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein
Dec 2011
Statement made during the 10th Assembly of States Parties- Botswana
Burkina Faso
Dec 2011
Statement made during the 10th Assembly of States Parties- Burkina Faso
ICC Statements and Reports
Author Date and Title
23 Feb 2012
Côte d’Ivoire: the ICC Judges expand the scope of the investigation to the 2002-2010 period
26 June 2009
ICC First Vice-President begins her official visit to African States Parties
NGO Media Statements
Authorascending Date and Title
125 CSOs Joint Statement (PR)
23 June 2011
AU: Support Justice for Gravest Crimes
ACAT/Sénégal, AI Sénégal, ONDH, RADDHO, et RADI
05 June 2009
Communiqué de presse
22 July 2013
Conference Report of "Africa and the ICC: 10 years On"
29 June 2009
Amnesty Int’l Open Letter to Mu’ammar al Gaddafi Calling for AU to Reaffirm Support for ICC
09 May 2011
Soudan : Présence indécente d'un ministre de la République française aux côtés d'Omar El-Béchir à Djibouti
African CSO's and international NGO's
08 June 2012
AU Summit: Malawi Stands with Darfur Victims
African Civil Society
26 Jan 2012
AU: African States Should Increase Support for Justice