Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Rome Statute   Afghanistan acceded to the Rome Statute on 10 February 2003
Agreement on Privileges and Immunities Afghanistan has not acceded to the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities.
Bilateral Immunity Agreement Signed September 20, 2002 (executive agreement).
Implementing Legislation In March 2005, the government set up a technical Commission to follow through with the implementing legislation process. One year later, the Commission was expanded to incorporate other actors. One of the NGO Commission members has prepared a preliminary draft on ICC implementing legislation which received comments and inputs from various actors involved in the implementation process. The draft was then presented to the Ministry of Justice and AIHRC introduced a legal adviser for further assistance, however, there has not been any further advance in relation to the process throughout 2009. The Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence have been translated into Dari.
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