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Universal Ratification Campaign » Moldova, Republic of
URC - Moldova, Republic of
The Coalition for the International Criminal Court is calling on Moldova to take the necessary steps to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Increased ratifications of the Statute in the region will further strengthen the global voice at the Court and result in a more robust and meaningful participation in the global struggle to establish a truly fair, effective and independent ICC.

To date, Europe and the Central Asian Republics have 40 States Parties to the Rome Statute, 26 of which are European Union (EU) countries. Including Moldova, the region has 8 signatories to the Rome Statute (Armenia, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, the Kingdom of Monaco, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Uzbekistan).

European states and the European Union have been frontrunners in the establishment of the International Criminal Court and their constant efforts will continue to be critical to ensure the ICC will remain a fair and effective Court. The Coalition therefore appeals to Moldova to ratify the Rome Statute and to fully support this first permanent, independent court capable of investigating and bringing to justice individuals who commit the most serious violations of international law, namely war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

Take Action Now!
Write a letter to the President of Moldova to encourage him to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

You might like to use the following letter as a guide. Please be sure to cc all contacts below when sending your letters.

Send your letter to:

H.E. Vladimir Voronin
ave.Stefan cel Mare, 154, Chisinau, Moldova
Fax: 373-22-251035
Tel: 373-22-504239, 504244

H.E. Vasile Tarlev
Prime Minister
Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, 1, Chisinau, Moldova
Fax: 373-22-242696
Tel: 373-22-250101, 250381

H.E. Marian Lupu
Chairman of Parliament, Mr. Marian Lupu:
ave.Stefan cel Mare, 105, Chisinau, Moldova
Fax: 373-22-233636, 233352
Tel : 373-22-233326, 237119, 233038

H.E. Vitalie Pirlog
Minister of Justice
str.31 August 1989, 82, Chisinau, Moldova
fax 234788, 234797
tel.234795, 233340

H.E. Andrei Stratan
Minister of Foreign Affairs
str.31 August 1989, 80, Chisinau, Moldova
Fax: 373-22-232302, 578308, 578269
Tel: 373-22-578206, 578207, 578205

Your Excellency:

I am writing to urge you to ensure Moldova’s ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC as soon as possible. The Court’s first cases in Uganda, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan signify that it is moving forward in its crucial work to end impunity for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Moldova’s support for this new and vital system of international justice by acceding to the Rome Statute is therefore of utmost importance.

As you well know, the Rome Statute came into force in July 2002 and now has the support of more than half of the world’s nations. With Japan’s accession on 17 July 2007, a historic benchmark of 105 states have now acceded to or ratified the treaty and 139 are signatories. The new system of international justice represented by the International Criminal Court is an important tool that will ensure that the most serious international crimes no longer go unpunished. European nations are instrumental in building and strengthening this new justice system, and their support to the International Criminal Court is vital to its success and efficiency.

The recent positive ruling made by Moldova’s Constitutional Court in October 2007, in which it stated that the Rome Statute is compatible with the Moldovan Constitution, and the Decision of the Government on approval of the ratification bill passed in December 2007, are both positive developments. Furthermore, the efforts carried out by the relevant ministries, which drafted important pieces of legislation paving the way to Moldova’s ratification, in particular, the ICC ratification bill, are encouraging. Additionally, Moldova has demonstrated its commitment to the ICC by drafting a number of amendments to the national criminal code to adjust it to the provisions of the Rome Statute.

A prompt ratification would allow Moldova to actively participate in the annual Assembly of States Parties to the ICC, during which States make important decisions in relation to the administration of the Court. Ratification would also enable Moldova to participate in preparations for the review conference of the ICC to be convened in 2009 and to actively engage in the working group on the definition of the crime of aggression. Moreover, as a State Party, Moldova will be able to participate in judiciary and other elections at the Court, and have increased Moldovan staff representation and employment opportunities at the ICC.

I therefore urge Your Excellency to submit a ratification bill to Parliament as soon as possible and to fully align Moldovan legislation with all the provisions under the Rome Statute, including ratification of the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the ICC, and to finally become a part of this important system of international justice, along with 105 other states parties.


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